Vegan beauty products have in the recent past gained much in popularity as even those who do not follow a vegan lifestyle completely, opt for more ethically produced beauty products. Choosing vegan beauty brands is a decision that allows us to feel and look good without compromising on our ethics. Vegan beauty brands

Veganuary has turned into a popular way for people to start the year and make at least for a period of time, changes that can be beneficial to both themselves and the environment. Looking for tips Veganuary 2022, you can find many inspiration ideas and suggestions that help achieve 31 days of being

Seren Scents

Seren Scents is an ethical, cruelty free and Vegan brand house based in London that specialises in cosmetics, men’s grooming and sun care. Our vision and greatest strengths have always been uncompromising product quality and the strive to make beauty affordable and cruelty free.