Cruelty free make up brands

If you want to make the move to cruelty free make up and do your part both for the planet and yourself, then this guide will provide you with things to know cruelty free brands so you can identify genuine cruelty free makeup products. Finding out everything you can about cruelty free make up will help you make informed decisions regarding brands and products to purchase to start your ethical beauty journey.

What does cruelty-Free mean when it comes to make up?

For a makeup brand to define itself as cruelty-free it must be free from all animal testing right throughout each phrase of the product development. However, this definition can vary and mean something different to different people because currently there is no official or legal definition for the phrase ‘cruelty free’. Yet while there is no legal definition with the correct knowledge you will be able to judge if a brand can use the term cruelty free. Simply there should be no animal testing done on the product, either on its ingredients, during production or on the finished product.

How do you identify cruelty free makeup?

With more conscious brands entering the beauty market there are more quality cruelty free cosmetics for consumers to choose from. But how do you tell if a brand is cruelty free when there are no proper legal definitions to guide you? Luckily resources such as the Cruelty free kitty  and Cruelty Free International provide us with clear information on how to identify genuine cruelty free brands. Using these guidelines will help you make a more informed decision before purchasing a cosmetic product.

  • No animal testing, either on any of the ingredients used or the finished product
  • Suppliers do not test ingredients or the finished product on animals
  • No third parties involved test their finished products or ingredients on their behalf
  • Their products should not be sold in mainland China who require animal testing by law
  • They do not test on animals where required by law

Check online resources to find other criteria that signify that a product is genuinely cruelty free because more and more people are making the switch, so there is plenty of information to be found. Armed with this knowledge you will find it easier to seek products that appeal to you.

Do cruelty free products contain animal by-products?

Unfortunately yes, cruelty free certifications prove that animals were not tested on, but they can still contain animal ingredients or by products that did cause harm to an animal. For instance while your cosmetics maybe cruelty free have you checked your beauty products? There is a very good chance that the makeup brushes you use are made from animal hair. These are areas that sometimes get overlooked during our journey towards using cruelty-free products.

Are all vegan products also cruelty free?

While the vegan brand and cruelty free usually go hand in hand they do not mean the same thing. Vegan products mean that absolutely no animal ingredients have been used at all and in the case of a cruelty-free product it means that no tests were done on animals during any stage of production or on the ingredients used. Basically this means that it is possible for a product to be vegan but for animal testing to have been done at some point during manufacture and that cruelty-free products can contain animal ingredients.

How is cruelty free make up tested prior to being released to the market?

Thanks to today’s advanced technology there is easy yet effective ways to test cosmetics so that brands can stay cruelty free and not test on animals. Alternatives to animal testing include sophisticated tests using human cells and tissues known as in-vitro, human volunteers and advanced computer modelling techniques known as Silico that simulate human biology.

Benefits of cruelty free make up

Ethical choice – When you choose a cruelty free product you know that you are not contributing towards animal suffering. Plus most companies that are certified cruelty free do also look for sustainable packing and packaging as part of their company ethos.

Environmentally friendly – Cruelty-free products are often vegan as well and as a result use mostly natural ingredients that are sustainable and bio-degradable. Most will also follow a zero-waste policy as far as possible.

Better for your skin – As cruelty free cosmetics and nail polish contain predominantly natural ingredients such as sunflower oil and mint to name just two, your skin and nails benefit from the natural anti-inflammatory and healing qualities they contain. Those with sensitive skin suffer basically no allergies as there are next to no animal by-products or harsh synthetic ingredients to cause irritation or harm.

High quality products – To be gain an authentic cruelty fee label and relevant certifications, a cosmetic company goes through stringent approval processes. Brands need to meet all of the cruelty-free criteria to be approved, listed and recognised as high quality products endorsed by relevant authorities. Another good indicator is to look for products with the Bunny logo which ensures that authentic brands who may not have been able to afford licensing are still recognised for their quality products.


Today there are top quality cruelty free make up brands in the market at affordable price ranges so that more people can make the ethical switch easily. Use this guide to do your research and find a brand or brands that meet your requirements and check online for top recommended cruelty free make up brands to help you make your choice.

With all the benefits to be enjoyed it makes sense to make a start towards adopting a cruelty-free make up routine. As cruelty-free products tend to use more natural products your skin will always benefit no matter the price range while the recyclable packing will help you contribute less towards already overflowing landfills. Start small if you prefer but you can slowly but steadily increase your cruelty free cosmetic usage to benefit animals, the planet and yourself.

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