Is your skincare routine sustainable?


It is that time of year where we take a look at routines and habits of the old year and see what changes we can make to start make a fresh start. Along with eating healthier, being more active we also look at our beauty and skincare routines to see if they are still effective. What we sometimes forget to check is whether we are following a sustainable skin care routine. While being sustainable is something we should be mindful of all year round, the beginning of a brand new year is a good time to be mindful of our impact on the planet and make changes where possible.

What does sustainability mean in skin care?

You might think your cosmetics are too small a factor to have any real impact on the environment but actually as a whole, each individual choice matters, makes a difference. It is your choice to make on what you buy, how often you buy and what happens to the empty packaging once done. Do they end up in a landfill or are they made from recyclable or degradable material? According to Euromonitor International the beauty industry is among one of the largest polluters in the world. Sustainability in skincare is where brands take a more conscious approach in how their products are manufactured and packaged.

Consumers too have realised that the change to sustainable skincare products does not have to be daunting nor does it mean giving up a lifestyle. They have understood that it comes down to finding better alternatives that are sustainable and contribute towards a low-waste lifestyle.

There is already a strong movement towards ethically sourced and made products which is why cruelty free, and vegan make up are more popular than even. This consciousness reaches each stage of beauty and skincare from the cleansing products to makeup to the accessories such as the makeup brush.

What aspects of your skin care routine do you need to look at?

Ingredients – take greater interest in the actual ingredients used in a product. Microplastics used in exfoliating products, parabens, triclosan and sulphates to name just a handful are all ingredients that are not good for the environment.

Packaging – Always look for eco friendly packaging and for packaging made from recycled material. You could also look for brands that promote re-filling so that containers can be reused and are not just single use items. Remember with cosmetic packaging recycling is not always possible as most use mixed materials, so be mindful of the actual material used in the packaging.

Manufacturing process – Read up on the manufacturing process of a brand and find out how theirs contributes towards pollution, such as if they use a lot of single-use items like non-degradable gloves etc and how they use their resources.

Cruelty free pledges – A lot of brands have started making the important change to cruelty free however that goes beyond just the ingredients. You need to check if the brand is marketed in countries such as China were animal testing is mandatory.

Sourcing material and ingredients – Just because a brand uses natural ingredients it doesn’t necessary mean it is better for the environment. You need to check on how the ingredients were sourced and that the demand for ingredients is not leading to unsustainable practices.

Branding and messaging – Look at the ethos of a company and whether it supports sustainable business practices in the beauty industry. It is easy to use works in the branding and messaging, but a little look deeper will reveal their actual business practices.

Tips to ensuring that your skincare routine is sustainable

As consumers we can make the gradual switch towards a sustainable skincare routine. The most important step is to reduce waste. Use the beauty products you already own before buying new ones. Look for alternate beauty routine methods such as using reusable cotton pads when removing your makeup which will be a great start to a sustainable beauty routine.

Choosing eco-friendly products – Using the above tips you can buy products that are genuinely eco-friendly and that try to use recycled and biodegradable materials as much as possible.

Avoid products with single use packaging –Try using shampoo bars for example that do not have unnecessary packaging or other such alternatives that do not use plastic or not unless absolutely essential.

Opt for vegan products – If you switch to vegan beauty products then you will automatically be on the right path towards a sustainable beauty routine.

Ensure products are cruelty free – Better for the animals, better for the planet

Choose products with natural-based ingredients – Why put on your skin something you wouldn’t want to ingest. Ethically sourced natural based ingredients are better all around.

Avoid harmful chemicals – They are recognised as harmful chemicals for a reason so be very mindful of the manufacturing process and the ingredients used.

Repurpose containers – You can look for brands that allow re-filling which is a great way to reduce the waste created by single use.

Properly disposing of plastic packaging – You can do your part by ensuring that you disposed of your used packaging responsibly and in the correct way.

Avoiding waste – Buy products that you will genuinely use and use them completely. This practice is good for the planet and your wallet.

Supporting sustainable brands – There are many top quality genuinely sustainable brands out there making sustainable beauty accessible for all. Affordably priced these businesses are open about their manufacturing and business ethos because they are truly committed towards reducing their carbon footprint and adverse impact on the planet. You will be able to find many brands with quality products, worthy of your patronage and support.


Make this the year that you switch to a sustainable beauty routine. It can be a gradual process adapting as you go along. All that matters is that you make the conscious decision and take the initial steps towards making that positive change. With so many wonderful options available in today’s beauty market is you will be spoilt for choice in your sustainable beauty journey.

Seren Scents

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