beard care tips for all skin types

Not all men have the potential and follicle strength to truly grow an enviable beard and if you have the potential do not waste it. A healthy thick beard is a sight to behold and appreciated. Despite what people may think there is more to growing and maintaining a thick and healthy beard that goes beyond letting it grow with washing and an occasional shave and cut. Proper care is a grooming essential so read on to find easy to follow men’s face and beard care tips that are deceptively simple but have a huge impact on maintaining that serious beard. So read on and find out how you can achieve that beard everyone will envy.

Know your skin type

Not all beards are created the same and to do your one justice you need to treat it with the most suitable products based on your beard hair and skin type. Different skin types and beards will require different products to help them stay in optimum condition. Healthy skin is a great compliment to your beard so do look after it with the care and attention that will make it the perfect canvas for your beard. If you are not sure of what is good for your skin and beard then either check with a professional to gain insight or do your research online which has in depth and well-researched information on choosing appropriate grooming products. With a grooming routine that meets your skin and hair needs you will start to notice results relatively quickly.

Use a moisturiser

You know you need to wash your beard, but have you as yet embraced the importance of moisturiser? Even if you are growing a beard or already have a great specimen in place moisturising your skin is very important. Using a quality moisturiser will help retain the moisture you skin has already while also replenishing moisture that is lost daily. It keeps you skin hydrated so there is less likelihood of wrinkles or flaky skin. It helps make your skin look more youthful. Do not forget the skin beneath your beard as well because it gives your beard a healthy base to work with. Use a beard oil or beard balm to keep your beard looking and feeling healthy. Just a few drops in the morning and you will be surprised at how great your beard will remain looking throughout the day.

Exfoliate at least twice a week

Even if you are sporting a beard exfoliating at least twice a week can work wonders for your skin. Do not go beyond twice as week as it can irritate your skin. Your skin will soften and tone while the scrub repairs your skin by rejuvenating your skin cells. With regular use you will find less signs of acne and breakouts. Don’t forget your beard area as well. Make sure to properly douse your beard with warm water and work the exfoliator in to loosen any remaining dry or dead skin which helps control beard dandruff. Wash your beard completely once done.

Don’t skip the sunscreen

You might think it unnecessary especially if you have a beard protecting most of your face, but you would be wrong. Especially people with lighter skin have the potential threat of skin cancer and regular use of sunblock helps reduce this risk by almost half. It also helps even out your skin tone while protecting your skin from a broad spectrum of harmful UV rays. When selecting a sunblock be sure it offers a broad spectrum of protection and that you select one with sun protector factor (SPF) 30 or higher.

Don’t use too much product

Hair products and beard conditioners can contain harsh chemicals that can lead to your hair looking lacklustre if the products keep building up. A good way to avoid this is to wait till your hair is completely dry before adding products because then you can judge accurately the amount of product you really need to add. You could also look for alternate options such as vegan grooming products because they contain plant-based ingredients that are gentle and provide natural goodness. Your hair will look glossy as opposed to the dull look chemicals create if you do not wash your hair for a day or two, as they strip your hair of its natural moisture.

Maintain a healthy diet

While you take care of your face and beard outwardly you can also nourish them from within with a healthy diet. Ensuring that you have a sufficient nutrient intake and stay well hydrated you will notice a difference to both your skin and facial hair. Consuming more whole grains and such healthy carbohydrates works wonders while foods high in zinc, like nuts and chickpeas help hair grow healthily. Add lots of fruits and vegetables to your diet and make sure you have vitamins B, A, C, D and E included as well for healthy hair and to promote beard growth.

Try to give up habits that negatively affect skin

In keeping with skin and beard care from within try and cut down on habits that can have a negative effect such as smoking and eating too much junk food. Smoking can cause reduced circulation of blood around the body which means that your hair follicles do not get enough oxygen and nutrients they need to remain healthy. Basically your hair growth cycle is affected. When it comes to junk food they lack the important nutrients your body needs. So while your hunger pangs are satisfied your body is deprived of nutrients it needs to function properly leading to nutrient deficiencies that in turn can lead to hair loss.

Careful selection of grooming products

As mentioned before some grooming products can contain harmful toxins and chemicals. Always read the labels carefully and do research to find out more about the products you intend to use. Today, more brands are making the effort to clean up their ingredients and use more natural materials, but if you want to be completely sure that you are not using anything with any nasties you could look at vegan and cruelty free alternatives. With these products you are guaranteed a grooming product that is good for you skin and hair.


These tips will help you maintain healthy skin and grow a good beard, but you also need proper beard maintenance so that it not only feels wonderful but that it looks good as well. Be sure to comb your beard daily if possible and to trim your beard regularly. You can use a beard brush to ensure you are gentle on your beard and a beard trimmer to make sure it always looks neat and professionally done.

Follow these tips and your skin, hair and beard will thank you for it. Have fun with your beard shape if you like and make it statement piece or if not stay with a more traditional look. Either way your beard is something to celebrate and take pride in. If you have not already started taking the proper care of your skin and beard then start today and be ready to enjoy all those compliments that are coming your way.

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