Just as a vegan diet is a lifestyle choice so is the decision to switch to vegan cosmetics. Vegan makeup and skincare are today, familiar words in the beauty industry as more and more manufacturers create vegan options, not only for its clean benefits, but also because overall vegan cosmetics are better for the planet as well.

What are vegan makeup and cosmetics?

As with the vegan food choice, vegan makeup and cosmetics are devoid of any animal products, by-products or derivatives. This means that it does not contain any of the usual and popular ingredients such as honey, beeswax, keratin, shellac, lanolin, squalene and hydrolysed silk. Most non-vegan brands use ingredients sourced from living animals as they are cheaper and easier to source. Even if the process does not necessarily harm the animal it is still derived from the animal which is something opposed to the vegan lifestyle. Quality vegan brands represent the growing minority that source their ingredients ethically even if the process is more complicated and time consuming. Most vegan brands are also cruelty-free meaning that none of the products are tested on animals.

What are the benefits of vegan cosmetics?

As vegan cosmetics are made using natural ingredients it is gentle on the skin and helps remove toxic impurities. This it is ideal for people with sensitive skin as the wholesome goodness of the natural components found in vegan makeup work with your body to soothe and counter irritable skin. Another plus for health benefits is that most vegan makeup and cosmetics are gluten-free making it safe, suitable and soothing for people with various skin conditions.

As such, it follows that vegan cosmetics are good for the environment as well. By choosing vegan brands as a consumer, you are doing your bit for animal welfare and the planet as the ingredients are more ethically sourced. Making vegan products a part of your lifestyle is a step towards a sustainable way of living making you a conscientious consumer, because biodegradable and recyclable packing are the usual trademarks of vegan products. 

How can you choose genuine vegan cosmetics?

While many brands are jumping on the vegan band wagon, it is not always clear just how ethical and cruelty free these products are. A smart and guaranteed way to choose a genuine vegan brand is to check for a certification from the UK Vegan society which is only given to authentic vegan brands, such as Seren Scents London. By simply checking for brands listed on their website you can be assured that you are investing and making lifestyle choices on trusted brands that are vegan in the truest form.

Seren Scents

Seren Scents is an ethical, cruelty free and Vegan brand house based in London that specialises in cosmetics, men’s grooming and sun care. Our vision and greatest strengths have always been uncompromising product quality and the strive to make beauty affordable and cruelty free.