Beard Care Products for Men


Bread oil is one of the most important products in a grooming bag. Anyone with a beard will understand how much work is involved in maintaining an enviable beard. But what does beard oil do? It transforms your beard into one that looks and feels luxurious acting as a moisturising and conditioning agent. There is a noticeable difference when a person uses beard oil as opposed to a beard that looks dry and unkept.

What is beard oil?

Beard oil is a conditioner used to soften and moisturise your beard hair and it also helps keep the skin beneath your beard moisturised and irritation free. Regular use helps your beard look, feel and stay fuller, softer and tamer by nourishing the beard hair follicles. It generally improves the overall appearance of your beard with a natural shine and subtle enticing scent, for a whole day mood improver.

What are the ingredients in beard oil?

Natural beard oils aim to emulate the oils that are naturally produced by your skin and help further provide a nourishing boost. Most effective beard oils contain common ingredients such as essential oils and carrier oil absolutes or extracts of a variety of natural products such as argan oil, sweet almond, vitamins A, D, and E to promote hair growth, almond oil, jojoba oils and natural scents. Each brand of beard oil will have its own unique mix of ingredients with a mix of natural oils and synthetics in some cases. Always check the ingredients list before you purchase beard oil.

What does beard oil do?

Anyone trying to grow or maintain a beard knows how difficult beard care can be when trying to keep your beard from being brittle, dry and looking sad. Also beard dandruff and beard itch are real problems that can come with maintaining a full beard if proper care is not taken. Beard oil works by moisturising and conditioning your beard with its essential and natural oils. It also helps keep dry skin at bay so that you do not have to deal with dry, flaky skin and a beard that ends with split ends. It gives your beard a soft feel and healthy sheen while keeping it strong. Most natural beard oils and beard balm are formulated to strengthen and protect with natural ingredients that are beneficial for your hair and skin.

Beard oil does not necessarily speed up the growth of your beard, but instead conditions the smoothens your existing growth, so that it always looks groomed and well maintained.

How do you apply beard oil?

The beauty of beard oil is that it works near miracles on our beards but is yet so easy to use. There are no hard and fast rules to how you apply beard oil but is easy to incorporate into your mornings for a beard that looks spectacular throughout the day.

Depending on how thick or long your beard is you will have to judge the correct amount, but normally two to three drops of beard oil is enough. Drop the oil onto your palm and rub your hands together so your hands are coated. As said start small but if you need more you can always add, which will help you avoid over oiling your beard.

Now rub your hands across your beard smoothly starting from your cheeks. Next go over your upper lip, especially if you have a moustache and then work your way down to your chin the rest of your beard.

Be gentle but firm as you work the oil evenly through your beard, you can even use a beard comb if it would help. This is a good time to judge if you need more oil which you might if you have a longer drier beard. Finish up by neatening your bead to your desired look.

You need apply beard oil only once a day. Anything more unless after a shower can cause your beard to look greasy.

When to apply

It is best if you do this in the morning after a hot shower or after you wash your face. Basically when your beard is clean and fresh, damp and not too wet. Using the steps mentioned above, avoid over oiling your beard. Also you may not need to apply beard oil daily but that is something you can judge for yourself.


As with long hair, when your beard grows it will need care to keep it in top condition. Beard oil has both revolutionised and simplified the whole process for men across the globe, making beard care a simple morning habit. It does not cost a lot of money nor take too much effort. You can look for a beard oil that suits you with there being many top quality products in the market today. Vegan options are made from natural ingredients and geared to be completely beneficial from treating dry skin, to odour to strengthening, all with a few drops. If you haven’t already added beard oil to your mornings then do not wait any longer, give your beard the care it deserves.

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