Your guide to choosing the right beard style


Growing a beard is an exciting commitment as you make a dramatic change to your appearance. As you continue with your journey, along with making sure that you nourish and nurture you facial hair, choosing the right beard style is the next important step.

Why is it important to choose the right beard style?

A beard is so much more than just facial hair, it conveys your own individuality and helps highlight and frame your face in the best way. As you start growing your beard, take time to understand your facial hair so you know what you are working with and how best to style it. Even if you are not looking for the trendiest beard style, subtle styling can help your beard style complement your facial features. This is why is important that you choose a style that you like and that is the best style for your face.

What are the different types of beards?

It is essential that you work with what you have got. Just because a style looks good on someone else it does not mean it is the correct style or shape for you. Similar to how you would choose a flattering hairstyle to suit your face and hair texture, you need to put the same consideration into your beard style.

If you have a thick beard you have more style options but choose a style that’s easier to maintain as it will require regular trims to maintain its style. If you are prone to a patchy beard then keep it short so that the patchiness is not too visible. If you have drier facial hair then again you may want to keep the beard shorter so that it continues to look healthy and groomed. Basically how your hair grows will have to be considered when selecting a beard style.

Different types of beard styles

The best way ensure that your beard complements your face is to choose a beard shape that accommodates your features. It should work in harmony with your cheekbones and jawline, as well as your forehead and of course the overall shape of your face. Luckily, there are many different flattering beard styles to pick from that will help you achieve that perfected look.

You can opt for the 5 o’clock shadow look, the perfect beard look without the commitment of growing a full beard.

Another short beard option is the scruffy beard which looks natural and is kept neat and closely cropped but not overly styled.

If you have a thicker fuller growth you can opt for the short boxed shaped full beard or the longer option.

Mutton chops are a great option when you want to make a statement without sporting a full beard.

Goatees have got a bad rap but there are modern versions to this style such as the chin strap which are perfect for 2023.

How to determine the right style of beard for you

Choose the right beard shape and style and you will enjoy the character and definition it brings your face. As said, there are a number of factors you should consider when making this decision which will help you make the right choose, so you feel confident with your facial hair. You want attention for all the right reasons – because you have an enviable beard and not because you have beard that does not make sense.

The shape of your face – Your beard should be in harmony with the rest of your face, so it is important to structure your beard to suit your face shape.

An oval face shape and you can pretty much carry off any beard style.

If you have an oblong or rectangular face it is best to avoid longer beard styles. A beard that starts higher up on your cheeks will give your jawline more width.

Square face shape and it is advisable to have less facial hair on your cheeks or sideburns as they can make your face look stocky. You can sport more hair on your chin to even out the appearance.

Triangular faces should aim for a style that takes focus away from the chin as a very prominent chin is a characteristic of the triangular face shape. A stronger emphasis on the top lip such as beardstache is a great option.

A diamond face shape should have hair on the chin but avoid an overly pointy beard shape.

Other facts to consider include the type of haircut you have as the beard and your hair should complement each other. Of course the style and look you are hoping to achieve should work in tandem with your age. As with any style consideration go for something age appropriate so that you can look and feel your best confident self.


Styling a beard is a lot of fun but simultaneously you have to maintain your beard with regular trims, a healthy diet and good beard products that nurture your facial hair. This will ensure that your beard always looks healthy, glossy and full rather than dry and scanty. Start your facial hair journey and have fun as you enter the fascinating world of beards.

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