Quick Guide to Healthy Nails


Our nails can undergo changes such as becoming more brittle, breaking easily, being discoloured, to name a few and there are many reasons that can contribute towards these changes. Changes in our lifestyles, changes in diet, age, too much exposure to water or sanitiser, gel nails, keeping colour on for too long and not enough moisturising are all elements that cause our nail health to deteriorate. Hands that have been manicured look good and nail colour adds a touch of oomph to our look. However, it is important that we prep our nails carefully and properly before applying nail colour. Use this guide to achieve healthy nails to ensure that your nails are always at the best condition before applying nail polish.

Why is it important to prep your nails and cuticles before applying nail polish?

Good nail prep is beneficial on multiple levels. It helps you maintain healthy nails while also protecting against brittle nails as they are protected from chemicals. When nails are prepped properly it also ensures that your nail colour remains glossy and lasts longer as hydrated, smooth and strong nails hold colour for longer. It also acts as a buffer from nail problems such as discolouration and cuticle damage, which can become quite painful. Basically, good nail prep is the key to experiencing a successful manicure.

What are the things you need to prep your nails and cuticles?

  • Acetone free nail polish remover
  • Cotton pads
  • Cuticle remover and cuticle oil
  • Base coat
  • Nail buffer
  • Nail file or emery board
  • Good clean pair of nail scissors/cutters

What are the steps involved in this routine?

First and foremost you should moisturise your nails and cuticles daily. Use cream after washing your hands and at night be sure to slather on a good moisturiser so that it can work on your cuticles, hands and nails during the night. Add cuticle oils once in a while. This is a habit you should aim to always maintain.

When it comes to prepping your nails before a manicure there a few steps to follow:

  1. Clean your nails of any old polish and oils and then soak in warm water and scrub gently with a nail brush to thoroughly clean your nails.
  2. Once thoroughly dry, clip your nails to the desired length if they are too long. Then using a good quality nail file or emery board, file your nails gently to the desired shape. Remember to file in one direction so as not to tear your nails.
  3. Use cuticle remover or oils to soften your cuticles so they are easier to remove. Apply a drop to the contour of each nail and leave for about a minute to work.
  4. Then using the curved side of a wooden orange stick or the rounded end of a steel cuticle pusher gently push back the cuticles. Avoid scratching your nails by using gently movements and remember to push the sides as well.
  5. Apply some cuticle oil to soothe the cuticles and keep for a few minutes.
  6. Use a cotton pad soaked in nail polish remover to get rid of excess oil.
  7. Use a nail priming emery board to gently smoothen the surface of the nail to remove any final issues. Wipe and apply hand cream.
  8. Wipe nails again with remover and apply a base coat. If necessary use a ridge filler.
  9. The nails are now ready for colour or a gel manicure. If not apply a nail hardener and keep your nails natural.

Contrary to belief, it is good to get a manicure done or do a home manicure at least once a month to maintain the quality of your nails to ensure that your natural nails are well looked after.

Other factors that are important to keep your nails and cuticles healthy

Of course regular manicures alone are not enough. There are other continuous steps you should take to keep you nails strong and healthy. Healthy nails and cuticles along with a healthy nail bed and nail plate will always look good even when you do not have any nail polish on. Nail care includes the following factors as well that ensure you always have well maintained hands.

  • A balanced diet filled with the required vitamins and minerals will help strengthen your nails from within and reduce the risk of your nails breaking.
  • Avoid using your nails as tools.
  • Always wear gloves when handling anything strong with chemicals etc and when washing or cleaning.
  • Keep your hands and nails clean
  • Use quality nail care products, preferably those without chemicals and nasty parabens. In today’s market you find vegan options manufactured using natural ingredients that are so good for your hands and nails. Do your research and switch up your nail care product game by investing in those that genuinely help your hands and nails look and feel good.
  • Aways keep your hands, nails and cuticles moisturised.


Hands are so important, and we owe it to ourselves to look after them. When you take a little time to care for your hands and nails they will always look good and more importantly feel good. With a little practice and effort you will find it easy to take the steps to prep your nails and cuticles before applying nail polish. Once you start enjoying the benefits of long lasting manicures you will never skip prepping your nails ever again.  Use this quick guide and enjoy a long lasting manicure that will keep on attracting all the right attention.

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