Best ways to keep your beard and face in optimum condition


A good beard is only as good as its strength, and this can only be helped as long as you maintain your face and beard optimum condition. Proper beard care helps you grow a strong beard that looks and feels healthy. No matter what style of beard you have, nothing can beat the appeal of a well-groomed and cared for beard as opposed to one that looks scanty and scraggly. Follow the simple steps listed below and make beard care part of your daily routine and you will be well on your way to achieving that enviable beard that will be noticed by all for all the right reasons.

Keep both face and beard clean

You need to keep both your face and beard clean it is an essential part to keeping your beard and skin healthy. Yet facial hair is naturally dry which is why when not cared for beard hairs are weak which does not hold a style well and tends to look scraggily. Tempting though it maybe to use whatever shampoo you have at home you should avoid this at all costs. Your beard hairs and the hair on your scalp are very different and should be treated with those differences in mind. Wash at least every other day with quality beard care products that are formulated especially to care for beards and the skin beneath. You will start to appreciate the difference it makes after a few washes.

However, washing your beard even with the proper products does to an extent wash away natural oils which is why you need to invest in a quality beard conditioner and beard oil as well. It is important that you condition your beard regularly even if you do not condition your hair every day. A few drops of beard oil on your skin and beard makes all the difference both visibly and to the touch.

Stick to a skincare routine

It is best not to over complicate matters and to keep this simple so that you will actually maintain your routine daily and not find it too much of a chore. In the market you will find quality products designed for beard and skin care that provide just the right amount of moisture necessary for your skin and hair follicles so that they are healthy and not weighed down by too much product. Be sure to moisturise your face after washing because you will enjoy immense benefits in the long run. Your skin acts as the canvas for your beard and so to ensure a healthy beard you need to look after the skin beneath.

Exfoliate your skin

It may be surprising to you that exfoliating can help your beard grow. How does it help? Well when you exfoliate you get rid of dead skin and helps prevent ingrown hair. It also helps with keeping beard dandruff at bay which is a definite positive. Exfoliation also helps improve the texture of your skin which benefits your beard growth and helps it look lusher and fuller. Having healthy skin as the backdrop to your beard enhances its overall appearance.    

Choosing good quality products

Caring for your beard includes being aware of the products you are using on it. Without realising you may have used products that cause your skin to dry out and lose its natural oils which in turn causes your beard to be dry, unhealthy and lack lustre. Harsh chemicals and parabens are not good for the long term health of your skin and beard. This is why it is important that you make a conscious effort to look for all natural products that are filled with nature’s own goodness. Natural ingredients have a variety of healing properties and are gentler on your skin and beard and help to promote beard growth.

Trim your beard

It is important to train your beard into the shape and style you want which means regular trims even when you are growing it. A beard trimmer will make it easier to trim your beard and once you are more confident you can attempt beard styles. A beard brush will again not only keep your beard clean and neat, but it will also help with training the hair to grow in the correct direction. Be sure to keep flyaway hair trimmed so your beard always looks groomed even when sporting a full beard.

Protect your skin from the sun

Even if you do not have sensitive skin it would be well worth to take precautions and include sunscreen in your morning routine. Whatever your skin type you will benefit protecting yourself form harmful UV rays which can cause skin ageing and even in extreme cases skin cancer. It never hurts to be cautious; your future self will thank you for it.


Maintaining a healthy diet and getting plenty of exercise will help your beard grow faster which coupled with the steps mentioned in this article and you will be well on your way to attained that perfect beard. Remember, growing a beard is a long game and requires patience along with care. The secret is to take it a day at a time and not focus too much on how fast your beard is growing or how long it is. Follow the steps given here and before long you will be the proud owner of a beard that will be noticed where ever you go.

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