Best beard care routine


You might not realise that to maintain an enviable beard you need to make beard maintenance a part of your daily schedule. While it might seem like its not worth the effort and that your beard will just thrive if left alone, that is not the case. With a bit of commitment and following a simple yet effective beard care routine you will notice a positive difference. The key is to be consistent and understand that growing a good beard is a long game.

You may have to make an initial investment in beard shampoos and moisturisers, beard oil and brushes but it will be well worth it as you start to sport remarkable facial hair and your beard starts to flourish. Remember not all beards are equal but you can ensure that you maintain your beard at its best possible condition. Follow the beard care guide given here and bask in the glory of a much admired healthy beard.


You need to wash your beard, a morning ritual you should not neglect. Facial hair can be itchy as it grows out and if it doesn’t get washed regularly the itchiness can intensify. Small food particles, oil, dirt and dead skin can all contribute towards this uncomfortable situation. Find a gentle beard cleanser that is suitable for your skin type and wash your beard thoroughly, daily. Cleaning your beard and the skin beneath greatly reduces itchiness as it helps remove dead skin cells and impurities from around the hair follicle. This in turn also helps promote your beard hair to grow healthier and stronger. Use beard conditioners to keep your beard hair soft and manageable so that it looks hydrated rather than dry, which can happen to beards not cared for properly.


Knowing how to trim your beard is an essential part of growing a beard, whether it is to maintain it or just to neaten it. Before you start trimming you need to decide what type of beard style you are going for. It is important that you choose a shape that flatters your face. You can get initial help from your barber and thereafter maintain it with regular trims. Once you are more confident you can make bigger adjustments on your own. Investing in a beard trimmer will make this task easier for you but you can maintain it with a pair of scissors and a comb as well.

Start slowly removing flyaway hair initially and to ensure that you do not end up with an uneven look. Avoid basic mistakes such as shaving too close to your jawline and instead trim closer to your neckline and to your adam’s apple. Always trim you beard when it is completely dry and do regular trims even if you are aiming for a longer beard. It will help it look groomed instead of a scraggily look that comes when beards are not trimmed regularly.

Remember, it is all about maintenance, so go slow to avoid any mistakes that cannot be easily corrected.

Follow proper shaving techniques

Just like trimming you should be slow and careful when shaving so as not to give your beard a lopsided look by over shaving on one side. Shave against the grain by using an upward motion and smile to mark the cheek area to be shaved as well, depending on your beard style. Shave to keep your neckline neat and clean.

Don’t neglect your skin

Looking after the skin on your face is also important because it is the canvas for your beard. Growing a bead can take its toll on your skin, especially the skin beneath the beard which needs to be given extra care and attention. Once you incorporate it to your beard care routine, after a while, it will no longer feel like an effort, so be patient. Find a good quality moisturiser specially formulated for men, you can even find two in one skin and hair moisturisers which make things ever simpler. Once cleansed, take the extra minute to moisturise your skin not forgetting the area underneath your beard.

Brush your beard

Another great way to keep a groomed beard is to comb your beard or brush it so as to train the beard and ensure the hair grows in the direction you want. It helps to reduce the flyaway appearance and also stimulates hair growth. Use a few drops of beard oil to keep your beard looking and feeling nourished. Look for vegan options or those with natural ingredients to truly benefit your beard. Also invest in a good beard brush that will not harm your beard which a regular brush or comb may do. Brushing your beard helps keep it clean and adds volume.

Also if you prefer you could opt for beard balm rather than beard oil. Experiment and see which products feel comfortable to you and work best for the look you are trying to achieve.

Eat a balanced diet and stay hydrated

While all of the above is focused on the external care you need to give your beard do not forget that for a beard to be truly healthy you need to be healthy and happy within as well. Drinking plenty of water, having a healthy diet, getting enough sleep and avoiding stress, all have an impact on the quality of your beard. It is a well-known fact that testosterone and dihydrotestosterone play a huge role in the growth of facial hair. Lack of sleep, an unbalanced diet and high stress levels can affect your testosterone levels.

Ensure that you are taking vitamins as this too has a direct impact on your hair growth with some of the important ones being vitamins A, D, K and E along with B2, B7, B9, and B12.


Following the guide given here will help you achieve the beard of your dreams. While it may seem like a lot of work initially you will not find it difficult to do once it becomes a habit and you see the visible results. Beard care is about nurturing, being consistent and patient.

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