vegan skincare routine


Since vegan skincare came into play it has continued to prove its undeniable benefits. Vegan skincare sensitive skin benefits are without doubt as the completely natural plant based ingredients used cause no irritations or adverse effects. Simply put, adopting a vegan skincare routine daily will guarantee that you use products that are healthier for you, cleaner and more sustainable for the planet, while being wonderful for the skin.

Vegan Skin Care

You do not need to have embraced a vegan lifestyle completely to adopt a vegan skincare routine. Many consumers are today adopting vegan and cruelty skincare for many reasons. The benefits of vegan skincare because vegan skincare products are of a high quality on par and sometimes even better than the more recognise brands that use animal derived ingredients.

As the very name suggests vegan beauty products are better for both consumers and the environment because they use plant based ingredients. They avoid using harmful chemicals instead harnessing the natural goodness and healing properties of plants and nature making them perfect for all skin types and especially beneficial to sensitive skins.

Vegan skincare products do not use harmful chemicals in their manufacturing process and tend to be ethical in their packaging process as well, opting for environmentally friendly material. Further, you can be confident in the knowledge that there is absolutely no testing on animals along with no animal based ingredients. Vegan skincare is good for both you, animals and the planet.

Vegan skincare and sensitive skin

Sometimes we naturally have sensitive skin, but these days owing to harsh environmental elements such as pollution and sun damage we are exposed to, skin sensitivity can arise. This is further aggravated by the chemicals found in mass produced skin products. Unfortunately skin inflammatory conditions such as eczema, psoriasis and dermatitis are on the rise.

We at times get swept away by the marking jargon of mass produced popular brands which when applied regularly can cause our skins to become dependant on the products. If we stop using a certain product our skin breaks out and looks bad owing to that dependency. Basically it becomes a vicious cycle. Using products made with natural ingredients can break this cycle and help our skin become healthier, softer and clearer with a natural glow.

Owing to the use of natural ingredients that are rich in vitamins and other benefits those with sensitive skin should make the switch to vegan skincare to experience the wonders of clean beauty.

Natural Ingredients – the benefit of natural ingredients cannot be stressed enough. The benefits of plants and herbs have been recognised by mankind since ancient times and it is that goodness that is harnessed through natural vegan beauty products. With no chemicals added vegan products are not likely to contain irritants that harm the skin.

Contains nutrients and vitamins – Our skin absorbs about 60% of anything applied onto it, making it common sense to ensure we apply products that are good for us. Vegan products have no synthetic and artificial ingredients and instead nourishes our skin with natural goodness and essential oils such as the proven benefits found in aloe vera, chamomile and tea tree.

Does not contain animal by-products or extracts – Animal by products can cause irritation to sensitive skin which is why vegan skincare with its natural ingredients is gentle and nourishing for the skin. Plus you feel better knowing that your skincare routine has not caused harm to any animals which is always a good feeling.

Does not cause skin drying – When you use products that have chemicals, it can use the skin to feel dry and uncomfortable after a while, as the skin becomes dependent on the chemicals. Using vegan products helps avert this as it gently removes pore-clogging impurities from the skin and treats it to vitamins such as B and E along with antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties.

Exact ingredients are mentioned – Vegan products use a minimum number of natural ingredients, all of which are clearly specified on the packaging. This way consumers have a genuine idea of what they are purchasing, unlike with most mass produced products.

Natural fragrances – Made using pure essential oils and other botanical ingredients, natural fragrances are toxin free and gentle on the skin. With no animal derived products there are no hidden nasties to worry about, making them the perfect choice for people with sensitive skin.


Today the skincare market has top quality and affordable vegan and cruelty free beauty care products on offer. It makes it easy for you to adopt a vegan skincare routine as these products slowly become mainstream and easily accessible. Once you make the switch and feel the difference to your skin you will not go back to anything else. Knowing that you are not only working wonders on your skin but also reducing your adverse impact on the planet is an added bonus when making the move to vegan products. So if you haven’t already, go ahead and make that change today.

Seren Scents

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