Tips for Veganuary

Veganuary has turned into a popular way for people to start the year and make at least for a period of time, changes that can be beneficial to both themselves and the environment. Looking for tips Veganuary 2022, you can find many inspiration ideas and suggestions that help achieve 31 days of being vegan. However, if you achieved January and are inspired to continue avoiding animal products these tips will be helpful to continue with a dairy free and plant based diet.

What is Veganism?

Veganism is a lifestyle choice made by a growing number of people across the globe. The increasing number of people participating in Veganuary is proof of the vegan lifestyle’s growing popularity. Veganism is the lifestyle choice of abstaining from all animal derived products and not just eating a meat free diet, which is what being a vegetarian is about. Vegetarians do not always exclude all animal derived food types and may eat certain animal products such as eggs or fish or milk but avoid all meat products.  

While originally vegan defined a dietary option it has since branched out to encompass an entire lifestyle from accessories, clothes to cosmetics and shampoos etc. It is a philosophy that rejects the commodity status of animals

What is Veganuary?

Veganuary is a New Year’s resolution that challenges people to follow a vegan lifestyle for the month of January. It is a means of helping people understand how easy it is to choose vegan options and encourage them to continue to make lifestyle changes that could benefit both themselves and the planet. Its popularity is ever growing as more and more people take part in the challenge and use it as a practice run to making the conscious choice towards going vegan.

Tips for Veganuary 2022 and beyond

If you already took part in Veganuary or are already planning on taking part next year or even making any month of the year your Veganuary (because why not) then you probably already have some tips at hand. The below points will further help you sustain your vegan journey, with baby steps, if need be.

Plan and organize

A great way to motivate yourself and help with continuity, is to plan, organise and prepare. If you are starting your vegan journey with changes to your diet initially, it helps to have the correct food stocked up. This helps avoid the temptation to turn to old habits when tired or pressed for time. With vegan food options such as easy vegan burgers or vegan sausages at hand you will have no excuse not to stick to your vegan diet.

Other easy ways to maintain your vegan journey are meal plans and preparing food in batches. When you have the food prepared and in your fridge you will naturally prefer to eat the healthy food you have taken effort to prepare and not be tempted to order junk food.

Having your food prepared reduces decision stress as the food is already there packed and ready to eat. You will also save money as you spend less on take outs and have more time for other activities as you spend less time in the kitchen.

Pack homemade lunch for work/school

Another benefit of meal prepping is that you will be able to pack tasty homemade lunches for work and school. This will help you stick to your vegan diet, eat healthy and save time and money. Benefits all around.

Check labels when purchasing

If you aren’t already, start checking food labels properly before purchasing, as it will not only ensure that you are buying only vegan products but will also create a greater awareness of the nutritional value of the items as well. You will find yourself gravitating towards a healthier lifestyle naturally.

Online resources

Following or joining online forums and communities is a fantastic way to find out more about how other vegans continue their lifestyle journey. The best brands, the best vegan options, the best cheaper options are some of the inspirations you can get from others who eat plant based food.

Try out new recipes

Veganuary is the perfect time to treat yourself to a vegan cookbook and prepare at home tasty vegan food. You will enjoy the sense of accomplishment as you prepare traditional meat dishes with vegan substitutes and enjoy their tasty goodness.

Team up with a friend or with family members

Being with others who have similar goals and lifestyle aspirations make it easier to stick to your resolutions. You can share recipes, top tips for meat free options and other habits that will make continuing with Veganuary easier to handle. You can both be inspired by and be an inspiration to others.

Visit vegan restaurants/cafes

These days there are chain restaurants dedicated to vegan cuisine and unlike a few years back you will find a whole range of vegan options on menus. Being vegan has become a norm rather than an anomaly so going out for meals or coffee has become fun. Try out different vegan dishes and find favourites that you will enjoy returning to, time and time again.

Shop for vegan friendly brands

You will be surprised by the range of quality vegan options on offer, if you decide to embrace the complete vegan lifestyle and branch out into choosing vegan brands when it comes to clothing and cosmetics as well. You will be doing your skin and wallet a favour in the long run as quality vegan cosmetic brands contain no nasties or chemicals.


While Veganuary is a wonderful way to kick start your vegan journey you can ease into the lifestyle at anytime you wish. With all the available resources these days and vegan alternatives to vegan subscription boxes, going vegan is not difficult. If you are keen on making the change but are slightly daunted by what it entails, use these tips to gently ease your way into the world of veganism. Before you know it you will probably find yourself naturally embracing the vegan lifestyle without having to give it too much thought.

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