Vegan beauty products in UK

Vegan beauty products have in the recent past gained much in popularity as even those who do not follow a vegan lifestyle completely, opt for more ethically produced beauty products. Choosing vegan beauty brands is a decision that allows us to feel and look good without compromising on our ethics. Vegan beauty brands are constantly evolving and today offer consumers luxe formulas and deep pigmentation, using ethically sourced ingredients, without conceding on price or quality. Further, though they are not exactly the same, vegan and cruelty free tend to go hand in hand with more people looking for products that offer both, both before making a purchase.

No toxic chemicals

An ever increasing number of people are getting excited about plant based cosmetics and beauty products, especially as the vegan beauty industry continues to deliver better performing products that are on par if not better than products that require animal-derived ingredients. The movement towards cruelty-free products has history with people being aware of the inhumane state of the animals used for testing and opting for cruelty-free products. Today, more people choose vegan products because they are not only kind to the animals but are also good for the skin as they use natural ingredients free from chemical and toxic substances.

Greatly minimizes the chance of developing skin allergies

Besides its obvious benefits for animals and the planet, vegan skin care is gentle on the skin and much less likely to irritate as it does not contain chemical irritants. They mainly consist of natural plant based ingredients which provide more natural goodness overall. It is no wonder the demand for vegan products is ever increasing.

Rich in nutrients needed by your skin

Vegan cosmetics are made of plant based ingredients and so have natural vitamins, minerals, antioxidants which are rich in nutrients that are so wonderful for you skin, pampering it with pure goodness that helps you truly glow. Unlike most beauty products currently in the market today, vegan skin care products do not have harmful parabens or other toxins. Basically you derive lots of goodness from vegan cosmetics and your skin benefits.

Better for sensitive skin

With all of the above pointers it is obvious that vegan cosmetics are better for sensitive skin types. Most vegan cosmetics are organic and use only natural ingredients. Filled with natural goodness and fewer ingredients they definitely reduce the chances of rashes, acne and dry skin, though each person’s skin is unique and should be treated as such. As with any skincare product a patch test is advisable. It is more probable than not though that if you have sensitive skin, it will benefit from vegan brands.

Does not contain animal/insect by-products

Vegan makeup as is indicated by the name does not contain any animal or insect by-products, commonly defined as parts of a slaughtered animal not directly consumed by humans. It is quite surprising the amount of animal by-products used in non-vegan cosmetics which we often do not realise are derived from animals. This is why mindful consumers opt for vegan cosmetics to help reduce their adverse impact on these innocent creatures.

High-quality products

A few years back vegan beauty brands were not considered as top quality, believing that they did not deliver on value for money. However, that opinion has changed with vegan makeup now trending, as consumers appreciate how long lasting and high quality vegan cosmetics are on top of their natural nourishment. These cosmetics undergo comprehensive testing and need to meet stringent requirements to receive the relevant certifications. Buying vegan products actually means you are purchasing top quality that are more than value for your money, while also being good for the planet.

Better for the planet

Better for the planet? Yes because cruelty free and vegan products naturally tend to be eco-friendly. This is mainly because they use natural chemical free ingredients that also contain less toxins that can be released into the atmosphere. The labs that carry out animal tests are known to create a large amount of waste from animal excrement to chemicals to animal carcasses, which is bad when the animal has been exposed to toxicity. A single lab can create up to 12 tonnes of waste a year.

Unfortunately, the regulations surrounding labs conducting these tests are not strict are as restrictions are lower for companies performing public acts of safety. Sadly, it can be argued that animal testing is conducted to ensure that the ingredients used are safe for humans, thereby qualifying for eased regulations.

None of this is applicable to vegan products making them perfect for the safety of both the environment and animals.

Budget-friendly options are available

Another misconception is that vegan beauty brands are expensive. Cruelty free beauty is made affordable by a number of brands that value quality and being ethical. If a product has all the necessary certification then you know they are a product of quality. As more and more effort goes into developing vegan beauty products the more affordable it becomes as it grows in its superiority. Brands such as Milk makeup, Seren London, Hiro Cosmetics, Clean Faced Cosmetics, Delilah, Elf Cosmetics are all 100% vegan beauty brands and are just a very few of the many brands that help make choosing vegan cosmetics easy.

Modern consumers appreciate and actively seek cruelty free products that are effective while being ethical and good for the environment. They are decerning and expect the products to deliver on their promises which is what the vegan beauty industry has been achieving. They have over the years developed a sustainable beauty industry that is delivering on all the requirements of today’s consumer.

Thanks to these customer demands more and more brands are rapidly innovating to cater to the ever-evolving beauty market preferences while also working to reduce their adverse impact upon the planet and climate.  In order to stop harming the planet and animals we all should make an effort to choose a more sustainable lifestyle and if that starts with choosing vegan cosmetics and makeup then you are well on your way to actively doing your part.

Seren Scents

Seren Scents is an ethical, cruelty free and Vegan brand house based in London that specialises in cosmetics, men’s grooming and sun care. Our vision and greatest strengths have always been uncompromising product quality and the strive to make beauty affordable and cruelty free.