What is veganism


In a consumer-driver society more people are beginning to appreciate the impact of individual decisions. Collective decisions to reduce animal based food and products consumption is a simple yet effective way to reduce the strain on the planet and reduce animal suffering. Not everyone follows a completely vegan lifestyle all the time but instead adopts a version that best aligns with their lifestyles. That means not being rigid or strict about it but instead choosing plant based options whenever possible.

This flexibility has allowed more people to contribute towards reducing their meat and dairy and animal products consumption, with each little change having a massive positive impact. According to a University of Oxford study on veganism, it concludes that going vegan is the ‘single biggest way’ to cut greenhouse-gas emission providing an even bigger impact than ‘cutting down on your flights or buying an electric car’.

Going vegan or being a vegetarian is one of the most effective ways to limit the number of animals reared for the sole purpose of being killed in factories or slaughterhouse, because it significantly reduces the demand. Decreasing demand directly decreases animal farming for food purposes.

What is veganism and what is meant by the vegan lifestyle?

The term veganism was coined in the 1940s and is a form of living that includes abstaining from the use and consumption of animal products as much as possible. Every time someone avoids consuming animal products, be it food, makeup and such, it contributes towards reducing the exploitation of or cruelty to animals.

Today, adopting veganism has become more flexible with greater understanding that some people adopt a vegan lifestyle for different reasons. Some will completely adopt it, but others have more focussed areas with many vegetarians making the transition for the sake of the animals.

Reasons why more people are embracing a vegan lifestyle

One of the main reasons veganism is growing is because more and more people have become aware of their individual impact on the planet. As a result of this growing switch the market too has now got high quality yet affordable alternatives for consumers to choose from so that people no longer feel the lifestyle change as a massive sacrifice. With so many appealing vegan options it has become easy to adopt a plant based centred way of living. There are three main reasons for adopting veganism currently, all with strong beliefs and dedication towards choosing this lifestyle.

It’s the healthier alternative

A certain group of people adopt a vegan diet for health reasons because it is considered healthier and more helpful for weight loss. Lactose intolerant people who avoid dairy products opt for plant based alternatives while it is said that a vegan diet is better for overall good health. Even vegan and cruelty free cosmetics have gained traction in the market for their transparency and commitment to naturally sourced plant based ingredients and alternatives.

Ethical and humane choice

Ethical vegans are those who choose veganism for the animals and do not want to be party to any form of animal cruelty such as products being tested on animals. They adopt alternatives to animal products that are found today thanks to new tech innovations. This way they are able to avoid nutrient deficiencies, enjoy plant based milks and other products to lead their desired lifestyles without compromising on their ethics. Knowing that animals bred for our tables or kept in labs for testing lead miserable lives, ethical vegans are all about making the humane choice to reduce and eradicated animal exploitation.

Mitigate the negative impact on the environment

Some people switch to a vegan lifestyle to benefit the planet with the idea that a greener lifestyle will reduce greenhouse gas emissions and aid the reduction in deforestations. Globally animal agriculture is responsible for more greenhouse gas emissions than the whole world’s transportation systems combined.

Education and awareness

Due to the hyper connectivity in the world more people have access to proper information regarding animal rights, health concerns and environmental issues and understand the impact we have on our planet. It is also easier for people to share information regarding becoming vegan, the best way to set about, how to adopt it for certain areas of your life if you don’t want to completely change your lifestyle. Online support systems help to find alternatives to animal products and gain insightful advice, which have made the transition so much easier for many who were hesitant before.

Trends in pop culture

Veganism has today become mainstream and has become part of ‘normal’ life for many who may not necessarily label themselves vegan. Instead they take small steps to choose plant based alternatives whenever possible such as plant based milks, a non-meat diet and vegan cosmetics and beauty care. This growing inclusion is also because of influencers and celebrities living plant based lifestyles which inspires the youth to do the same.


Whatever the reasons for adopting a vegan lifestyle, people continue with it because of all the positives the lifestyle delivers. With today’s more flexible approach to the term, it is easy to include vegan options into your life without too much effort or sacrifice. From being the butt end of jokes, today a plant based life style is seen as the smart way forward for us and the planet. Start where suits you from maybe choosing to eat plant based once or twice a week, to gradually opting for vegan skincare and make up. There is a plant based alternative to nearly everything so the change will not feel like a huge overhaul and instead will be a gradual transformation that will become a preferred way of life.

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