The ‘Clean Beauty’ Trend and why it matters


The clean beauty movement is a direct result of consumers becoming more conscious of their purchasing power and more knowledgeable about the products they use. Clean beauty is a bit of a catchphrase used by some as there are no hard and fast guidelines or rules that govern the clean beauty trend. The largely subjective term can be defined by each beauty brand to suit their purpose because according to the FDA in countries such as the United States, beauty products do not require approval to go out into the market.

However, the clean beauty movement has made an impact as beauty consumers are more aware of what they want from their personal care products. Due to this, they are experts in verifying information on product labelling and making informed decisions. Clean beauty is making a positive difference and change in the beauty industry and should be nurtured. To do so you need proper information, and this article will help you understand the concept of clean beauty and its importance better.

What is clean beauty?

Clean beauty is about non-toxic beauty and is used to describe cosmetics and skincare products that do not contain harmful chemicals, such as parabens, sulphates, phthalates and synthetic fragrances. It is connected to the clean living movement.

Clean beauty is a relatively new concept, which despite only being around for about 5 years or so has drastically impacted consumer expectations and purchase behaviour. It is today firmly established as a benchmark for consumer perceptions regarding beauty brands. Despite there being no proper laws consumer preferences have reshaped with way brands approach their skin care products paying more attention towards sustainable beauty. 

Today there is a shift towards associating clean beauty with ‘conscious beauty’ which carries the same principles of a shift towards non-toxic ethical products that are gentle and environmentally conscious. Here, the difference lies in that consumers identify and purchase products that fit with these values.

Vegan and cruelty-free cosmetics that are steadily gaining popularity in the beauty industry are a result of the consumer preference for clean products with natural ingredients that are good for them and the environment.

Clean Beauty: values and Principles 

It is important to look beyond something simply labelled clean and instead take a closer look at the ingredients sourced, whether it is free of toxins and nasties, plastic free and generally how transparent the brand is regarding their manufacturing process. There are experts dedicated to determining whether a brand is worthy of the label ‘clean beauty’ which acts as a guide for other consumers. 

Today, we understand that up to 60% of what we apply on our skin is absorbed into our bloodstreams which is why it is important that we choose skincare brands that provide long-term benefits. Clean beauty products help stop our dependency on chemicals to achieve our desired healthy and glowing skin. 

Clean beauty vs traditional beauty 

Traditional beauty was all about quick results and hiding anything less than perfect. Clean beauty is more about a gradual approach towards achieving results that are genuinely long-lasting and nourishing. This is why consumers, especially Gen Z consumers, appreciate vegan products as they are made using natural and naturally sourced ingredients that provide nature’s own goodness. 

They are also concerned about the impact their purchases have on the environment, so they look into biodegradable packaging and the actual ingredients used in the products. An increasing number of consumers are also taking a stance against animal testing and are opting for cruelty-free products. 

Benefits of following a clean beauty routine 

Altogether, a clean beauty routine is a sustainable and healthy beauty routine that can last a lifetime. The benefits cannot be stressed enough.

Benefits to health – The lack of chemicals and toxic artificial ingredients have had a huge benefit for the overall health of consumers who are instead absorbing all the goodness found naturally that is good for humans.

Eco-friendly – There is a stress on using recycled, biodegradable and eco-friendly packaging that has made a difference in the amount of empties reaching landfills. There is a definite move from single-use plastic with many brands providing alternative packaging options.

Ethical considerations – As there is a shift away from the products tested on animals it is helping with the plight of lab test animals who are kept under harsh conditions. There is also a call for brands to be more open about their manufacturing process which has made them more accountable for their overall impact on the planet. 

Ingredients – Avoiding animal-derived, unsafe artificial or chemical ingredients have made clean skin care a reality so that even those with the most sensitive skin benefit from the natural healing qualities provided by clean beauty products.

Common misconceptions about clean beauty products 

There is a belief that clean beauty products are not as effective because they lack some of the well-known chemical ingredients that we have come to depend on. However, this is simply not true because with the advancements in testing and technology clean beauty products more than deliver on what they promise, even surpassing more well-known options. 

It is a similar story when it comes to colour pigments and long-lasting quality, these products are on par with the brands of old. The colour and textures of clean beauty products are now in a league of their own as they have more genuinely active ingredients. 

Clean beauty products can contain synthetic products that have been manufactured under safe and ethical conditions. These products undergo rigorous clinical and consumer testing and have proven powerful results. 


A relatively new trend, clean beauty is however the natural progression to more accountability in the beauty industry. As humans we need to preserve our health and our planet and clean beauty, or conscious beauty is the way to achieve this. Taking a greater interest in what we purchase is bringing back the power to the consumers who can make a difference. 

Unfortunately, as it is not a concept that is regulated it is important to pay close attention to what a product label is genuinely saying or not saying, as the case may be. Just because something says ‘organic’ it does not necessarily mean it comes under the clean beauty label. 

To truly make a difference all consumers need to be very aware of what it means to adopt a clean beauty routine and promote brands that are genuinely making a difference. With a massive projected growth for the clean beauty industry, it is important that this trend is nurtured and allowed to become the standard norm rather than just a fleeting trend.

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